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2019 Ironman Western Australia Champion - Course Record 8:38:42

Race week -

Dan and I arrived in Busselton on Wednesday night in race week. We had a fun drive down from Perth and enjoyed getting to see some different landscapes. In the days leading up to the race we both felt pretty chilled and relaxed. Dan did some training including riding the bike course for me and reported back with any significant info. I did some easy training and a few fun media commitments. Before I knew it race day had rolled around and I felt ready to go.

Race day -

The sun gets up pretty early in Busselton so by the time we had arrived at the race venue in the morning it was light and already getting warm. I headed into transition to get Lil B loaded up with snacks. Once that is done there is not much more left to do before an Ironman. We headed to the race start and I put on my wetsuit.

Swim - 50:24

I had not actually swum in the ocean here before the race. I have been put off from past experiences where I have done a pre race swim on the course and I have either cut my foot, been stung by jellyfish or something else - so I just kept to the local pool! We lined up on the beach to the right of the famous Busselton Jetty. I chose the far left side of the start line after seeing it work out well for the men who set off just before us. The gun went and I ran in, by the first buoy I was in front so just tried to settle in and find a steady rhythm. The water was beautiful and clear. They kept us in nice and shallow which meant you could see the sea floor the whole way which was cool. Lots of fish! Out of the swim and into T1. I was as fast and efficient as possible. Grabbed Lil B, said hi to Dan on my way past and out onto the bike course.

Bike - 4:32:52 - Course Record

Onto the bike and heading out of the race venue I used the time to get settled in, drink lots after the swim and have a gel. Once I got out of town I settled into my target watts and focused on keeping aero. I knew the day was going to heat up fast so I also made sure I got fresh water bottles at each aid station and drank as much as possible on the bike. I really liked the bike course. The road surface was great and there were some nice long stretches of road that you could settle into a good rhythm. 180km is a long way even when it is a fast course, so by the end of the bike I was more than ready to hop off. I had not been caught so I knew I was still in first place but was unsure by how much. Through T2 and again trying to be as efficient as possible.

Run - 3:09:29

Onto the run I felt pretty good starting out. I was pleased to hear I had 6mins or so on second place. I slowly settled into my target pace and still felt okay through the first two laps. The run course was flat but also very exposed, the sun was getting hotter each lap. I did my best to hydrate through aid stations and keep my core temperature down. Heading into the third lap I could feel my calves tightening and my pace slowing. I usually get a bit of calf tightness but this was worse than usual. However I still had a good lead at this point so just concentrated on moving forward. Dan was amazing out on course every time I ran past he knew the right things to say. Finishing the last lap and coming around the corner down the finish chute is such an amazing feeling! I am so happy to win my third Ironman race!

Overall race time - 8:38:42 - Course Record

Big thank you to my team, I could not do this without you -


Mum and Dad

David Bowden

Pewag racing team


Danelle Snowden - Massage

Iain Wood - Chiropractor

Photo credit to witsup, Korupt Vision and me

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