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Ironman VR6 Race Report - 1st Place

Woke up tired yesterday after the hard effort Sunday morning NZ time! Well done to Hannah, Ashleigh and Radka for getting amongst it over the weekend as well. Certainly a race format that is very different for all of us! Very fun to have a Kiwi/Aussie race. Congrats everyone around the world who took on the Ironman VR6 challenge as well. 

Race morning started early for me but not as early as it did for the Aussies! Dan and I were up at 4:30am to make a coffee and set up the computers. Once we had set up on Skype on Dan's computer and Rouvy on my computer we were good to go. Luckily Dan is a bike fitter so we have a very well prepared space at home with his bike fit camera and a TV set up in a well lit area making our set up look mint. 

It was cool to be able to see the other girls getting set up and warmed up pre race as well. I hopped on the bike around 30mins before the start and just built into my warm up slowly. I knew I'd need a little bit longer to warm up due to having just rolled out of bed. Almost start time, I double checked I had lots of cold water and plenty of gels in the back pocket. Hydrating and eating is key for hard indoor efforts.

Into the race! After we found out that the first primes were right at the start of the race we knew it would be a case of me just setting off at target wattage for the whole ride and see what happens. We knew that indoors it's a risk to ride above threshold and crack due to overheating. I was really keen to see what power/effort I could do for the whole ride. Massive kudos to Hannah for setting a blistering pace off the start line and taking out the first prime. 

I settled into my work behind Hannah and just after the second prime managed to ease into the lead but could feel the others breathing down my neck so kept pushing. It's a strange feeling trying to go as hard as you can but also hold back a little in fear as you know at any minute you are going to be asked to do a surprise prime. And from what I saw on previous weeks I knew the commentary team liked to hurt us pros with what they call "watt bombs". 

Sure enough as we were around 30km into the race we got asked to do 2x 30sec all out efforts with a short 30sec rest between. 

It was my turn first so I eased off the power a little to catch my breath then went full gas. I can tell you it hurt. After the second one it took a couple of minutes of rest to get going again and to settle back in at my target pace. I was really happy to see my little avatar nearing the finish line and  be able to hold it together and cross the line first in front of some very strong ladies. 

Super pleased to hear I won the painful watt bomb challenge as well. 

It was a really fun event to be part of and I hope I get to do more. Thanks to Ironman for putting on these events for us. The organisation behind the scenes is impressive especially with such a technical platform. Helping us pros who normally race outdoors get set up and up to speed on tech many of us have never used before.

I enjoyed completing the challenge with a 3km run on Saturday before the race and a 10km run on Sunday afternoon once I had recovered from the morning effort!

Thanks to my team:


David Bowden

Pewag Racing Team

Iain Wood - Chiropractor

Danelle Snowden - Massage

West Wave Aquatic Centre

Jenna Adam

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